Recruitment Excellence

Our recruitment business is driven by vision and values centred around achieving “Recruitment Excellence”. We take our values seriously - we live and breathe these values making them a constant part of our interactions with clients and candidates.


    We pride ourselves on our ability to stand above our competition and provide a service that is genuine and personal. We believe in and respect our clients and candidates. We know our capabilities and don’t make distorted promises. You will always experience an honest and transparent approach and you can be confident that your interests are at the forefront of our service.


    We exist and stand to ensure you experience consistent and reliable outcomes. We take the time to extract a thorough understanding of requirements and how these integrate with our client’s business strategy, people, culture and operating model. We represent our clients in the employment market with an authentic advocacy to engage the right candidate.


    The internal culture at McGibbon Consulting is characterised by a long-term vision to maintain the highest level of expertise and service whilst remaining grounded and “boutique” at heart. Our solutions are built on precision frameworks with the agility to meet market needs. Our professional team scale delivery without diluting our value propositions.


    We have built and will continue to build long term relationships by going that extra mile and providing a human touch. We have an ongoing commitment to providing a valued service for clients and candidates. This is how we continue to realise our vision of “Recruitment Excellence”.


    To recruit in our specialisations, we need to understand our markets. We work with large multinationals, small businesses, the public sector and not for profit. We experience a diversity of organisational operating models, motivations and needs for recruitment. We combine our market knowledge and specialist

    expertise to empower organisations through valued advice and precision recruitment.


We have built a recruitment business that is driven by ideals that shape our people and our services. To learn more about McGibbon Consulting, please reach out to us today.